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Sample Practice Test Questions

Mechanical Comprehension

If the handles of a wheelbarrow are 3 ft. from the wheel axle, what force must you exert to lift the handles if it's carrying a 270 lb. load concentrated at a point 0.5 ft. from the axle?

45 lbs

This problem describes a second-class lever and, for a second class lever, the effort force multiplied by the effort distance equals the resistance force multipied by the resistance distance: Fede = Frdr. Plugging in the variables from this problem yields:

Fe x 3 ft. = 270 lbs x 0.5 ft
Fe = 135 ft-lb. / 3 ft 
F= 45 lbs

Arithmetic Reasoning

The __________ is the greatest factor that divides two integers.

greatest common factor

The greatest common factor (GCF) is the greatest factor that divides two integers.

Math Knowledge

What is 9a - 7a?


To combine like terms, add or subtract the coefficients (the numbers that come before the variables) of terms that have the same variable raised to the same exponent.

9a - 7a = 2a

General Science

Which of the following is the correct order for types of radiation from lowest to highest frequency?

radio waves → visible light → gamma rays

The electromagnetic spectrum covers all possible wavelengths and frequencies of radiation.  From lowest frequency (longest wavelength) to highest frequency (shortest wavelength) radiation: radio waves → microwaves → infrared waves → visible light → ultraviolet light → X-rays → gamma rays.

Automotive Information

What is the pimary advantage of using power brakes on a vehicle?

provides higher hydraulic pressure in the braking system

Power brakes multiply the force a driver applies to the brake pedal using a vacuum booster connected to the engine intake manifold. This provides for much higher hydraulic pressure in the braking system than could be generated by the driver alone. Antilock brakes (ABS) use speed sensors and adjust the brake pressure at each wheel to prevent skidding and allow the driver more steering control in slippery conditions.

Word Knowledge
Comprehensible most nearly means:
Automotive Information

In a four-stroke piston cycle, one piston is always:

all of these are correct

In a four-stroke cycle engine there is always one piston delivering power, one exhausting gases, one drawing in the air-fuel mixture, and one compressing that mixture.

Electronics Information

The volt is a unit of measurement for:


Voltage (V) is the electrical potential difference between two points. Electrons will flow as current from areas of high potential (concentration of electrons) to areas of low potential. Voltage and current are directly proportional in that the higher the voltage applied to a conductor the higher the current that will result.

Automotive Information

What links each piston to the engine's crankshaft?

connecting rod

A connecting rod employs a wrist pin to link each piston to the engine's crankshaft.

General Science

Velocity and displacement are fully described by both a magnitude and a direction.  Velocity and displacement are which of the following?

vector quantities

Velocity and displacement are vector quantities which means each is fully described by both a magnitude and a direction.  In contrast, scalar quantities are quantities that are fully described by a magnitude only.  A variable indicating a vector quantity will often be shown with an arrow symbol:  \(\vec{v}\)