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Sample Practice Test Questions

Arithmetic Reasoning

How many 2\(\frac{1}{2}\) gallon cans worth of fuel would you need to pour into an empty 20 gallon tank to fill it exactly halfway?


To fill a 20 gallon tank exactly halfway you'll need 10 gallons of fuel. Each fuel can holds 2\(\frac{1}{2}\) gallons so:

cans = \( \frac{10 \text{ gallons}}{2\frac{1}{2} \text{ gallons}} \) = 4

General Science

Scavengers break down the dead bodies of plants and animals into which of the following?

simple nutrients

Like decomposers, scavengers also break down the dead bodies of plants and animals into simple nutrients. The difference is that scavengers operate on much larger refuse and dead animals (carrion). Decomposers then consume the much smaller particles left over by the scavengers.

General Science

During continental drift, the drifting plates move across which of the following?

liquid mantle

The crust and the rigid lithosphere (upper mantle) is made up of approximately thirty separate plates. These plates more very slowly on the slightly more liquid mantle (asthenosphere) beneath them. This movement has resulted in continental drift which is the gradual movement of land masses across Earth's surface. Continental drift is a very slow process, occurring over hundreds of millions of years.

Mechanical Comprehension

A wedge is most similar to what other type of simple machine?

inclined plane

The wedge is a moving inclined plane that is used to lift, hold, or break apart an object. A wedge converts force applied to its blunt end into force perpendicular to its inclined surface. In contrast to a stationary plane where force is applied to the object being moved, with a wedge the object is stationary and the force is being applied to the plane. Examples of a wedge include knives and chisels.

General Science

In the classification of life, which of the following is not a domain?


The broadest classification of life splits all organisms into three groups called domains. The three domains of life are bacteria, archaea and eukaryota.

Math Knowledge

If angle a = 68° and angle b = 39° what is the length of angle c?


The sum of the interior angles of a triangle is 180°:
180° = a° + b° + c°
c° = 180° - a° - b°
c° = 180° - 68° - 39° = 73°

Shop Information

Which of the following statements about drill bits is not true?

drill bits are primarily left-handed

Drill bits remove material to create holes. They come in a variety of sizes, maxing out at ¼" for woodworking and ½" for metalworking. The majority of drill bits are right-handed which means they cut while rotating in a clockwise direction.

Electronics Information

The watt is a unit of measurement for:


Electrical power is measured in watts (W) and is calculated by multiplying the voltage (V) applied to a circuit by the resulting current (I) that flows in the circuit: P = IV. In addition to measuring production capacity, power also measures the rate of energy consumption and many loads are rated for their consumption capacity. For example, a 60W lightbulb utilizes 60W of energy to produce the equivalent of 60W of heat and light energy.

General Science

In cell biology, where does DNA replication take place?


The cell nucleus contains the genetic material of the cell and is where DNA replication takes place.

Word Knowledge
Sadie's cowboy hat was incongruous with her black cocktail dress.
Not harmonious, incompatible.