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Sample Practice Test Questions

Automotive Information

For inline cylinder arrangements in an engine, how are the cylinders numbered?

sequentially from the front of the engine to the back

Inline cylinder arrangements number cylinders sequentially (1, 2, 3, ...) front to rear.

Electronics Information

Inductance is a factor in which of the following?

an AC circuit

Inductance is a property of an AC circuit (or a component in an AC circuit) that quantifies resistance to changes in current. The current in an AC circuit is continuously changing and inductive reactance (the opposition to change) depends both on the inductance of the circuit or component and the rate at which the current is changing.

Word Knowledge
The longer Jorge waited in line at the ticket counter, the more his exasperation grew.
The state of being irritated.
Automotive Information

Control arms connect a vehicle's suspension to the frame. The connection to the wheels is through:

ball joints

Control arms (upper and lower) connect a vehicle's suspension to the frame. The connection to the wheels is through ball joints which allow the control arms to turn and move up and down simultaneously. The frame connection uses bushings.

Word Knowledge
Lurid most nearly means:
Causing horror, shocking.
Word Knowledge
Stealth most nearly means:
The act of moving secretly or unnoticed.
Word Knowledge
Jade placed the fragile vase out of reach of her rambunctious boys.
Automotive Information

Which of the following transfers the torque from the transmission to the drive wheels at a constant speed while accomodating the up and down movement of the suspension?

constant velocity (CV) joint

Constant velocity (CV) joints are located at both ends of a half shaft and their purpose is to transfer the torque from the transmission to the drive wheels at a constant speed while accomodating the up and down movement of the suspension. The inner CV joint connects the shaft to the transmission and the outer CV joint connects the shaft to the wheel.

Electronics Information

A transistor to an electronic circuit is like a _______________ to a house?


A transistor works by allowing a small amount of current applied at the base to control general current flow from collector to emitter through the transistor. A transistor acts as a gate or switch for electronic signals.

Electronics Information

In household electrical wiring, which color of insulation indicates the 'hot' wire?


In the NM cable used for wiring homes, each cable has three wires inside a sheath with each wire covered in a different color of insulation to indicate its type. The wire with the black insulation is the 'hot' wire, white is the neutral wire, and the ground wire is either covered in green insulation or left bare.