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Sample Practice Test Questions

Arithmetic Reasoning

What is -z2 + 5z2?


To add or subtract terms with exponents, both the base and the exponent must be the same. In this case they are so add the coefficients and retain the base and exponent:

-1z2 + 5z2
(-1 + 5)z2

Electronics Information

Which of these materials is not a good conductor of electricity?


All conductors have resistance and the amount of resistance varies with the element. In general, metals make the best conductors of electricity and non-metals make the worst conductors of electricity.

Word Knowledge
Gravity most nearly means:
Importance, significance.
Mechanical Comprehension

Friction between two or more solid objects that are not moving relative to each other is called:

static friction

Static friction is friction between two or more solid objects that are not moving relative to each other. An example is the friction that prevents a box on a sloped surface from sliding farther down the surface.

Word Knowledge
Procrastinate most nearly means:
To put off intentionally.
Word Knowledge
Retroactive most nearly means:
effective as of a prior time or condition.
General Science

Which of the following is the formula for work?

\(W = \vec{F}\vec{d}\)

Work is performed on an object when an applied force causes displacement along the same vector. Measured in joules (J) or newton-meter (Nm), work is calculated by multiplying force times displacement:  \(W = \vec{F}\vec{d}\)

Word Knowledge
Camaraderie most nearly means:
Spirit of friendship.
General Science

The first step in the water cycle is:


The water (hydrologic) cycle describes the movement of water from Earth through the atmosphere and back to Earth. The cycle starts when water evaporates into a gas from bodies of water like rivers, lakes and oceans or transpirates from the leaves of plants.

General Science

The energy posessed by a ball on the window ledge of a tall building is an example of what kind of energy?


Kinetic energy is the energy posessed by a moving object. Potential energy is stored energy in a stationary object based on its location, position, shape, or state.