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Sample Practice Test Questions

Electronics Information
Suppose you have 10 [6V 5A] batteries that you can connect together in series, in parallel, or in series-parallel. Which of the following voltage and ampere combinations cannot be attained using these 10 batteries?
60V 50A

Connecting the 10 batteries in series multiplies their voltage while keeping their current the same yielding a 60V 5A configuration. Connecting the 10 batteries in parallel multiplies their current while keeping their voltage the same yielding a 6V 50A configuration. Using a series-parallel connection, 5 batteries can be connected in series and 5 can be connected in parallel resulting in a 30V 25A configuration.

Word Knowledge
Bob's immoderate appetite shocked the guests at the wedding banquet.
Beyond usual or proper limits.
Mechanical Comprehension

What type of load is sudden and for a relatively short duration?

impact load

A concentrated load acts on a relatively small area of a structure, a static uniformly distributed load doesn't create specific stress points or vary with time, a dynamic load varies with time or affects a structure that experiences a high degree of movement, an impact load is sudden and for a relatively short duration and a non-uniformly distributed load creates different stresses at different locations on a structure.

General Science

Absolute zero is which of the following?

the coldest temperature possible in the universe

In contrast to the Celsius scale (measured in degrees centigrade) that fixes 0° at the freezing point of water and the Fahrenheit scale that uses 32°, the Kelvin scale fixes 0 at absolute zero (-273°C) which is the lowest temperature possible in the universe.

Math Knowledge

Find the value of b:
5b + x = -1
-2b - 3x = -3


You need to find the value of b so solve the first equation in terms of x:

5b + x = -1
x = -1 - 5b

then substitute the result (-1 - 5b) into the second equation:

-2b - 3(-1 - 5b) = -3
-2b + (-3 x -1) + (-3 x -5b) = -3
-2b + 3 + 15b = -3
-2b + 15b = -3 - 3
13b = -6
b = \( \frac{-6}{13} \)
b = -\(\frac{6}{13}\)

Mechanical Comprehension

Which of the following is the formula for hydraulic pressure?

P = F/A

Hydraulics is the transmission of force through the use of liquids. Liquids are especially suited for transferring force in complex machines because they compress very little and can occupy very small spaces. Hydraulic pressure is calculated by dividing force by the area over which it is applied: P = F/A where F is force in pounds, A is area in square inches, and the resulting pressure is in pounds per square inch (psi).

Automotive Information

Control arms connect a vehicle's suspension to the frame. The connection to the frame uses:


Control arms (upper and lower) connect a vehicle's suspension to the frame. The connection to the wheels is through ball joints which allow the control arms to turn and move up and down simultaneously. The frame connection uses bushings.

Arithmetic Reasoning

If \( \left|x + 9\right| \) - 3 = 7, which of these is a possible value for x?


First, solve for \( \left|x + 9\right| \):

\( \left|x + 9\right| \) - 3 = 7
\( \left|x + 9\right| \) = 7 + 3
\( \left|x + 9\right| \) = 10

The value inside the absolute value brackets can be either positive or negative so (x + 9) must equal + 10 or -10 for \( \left|x + 9\right| \) to equal 10:

x + 9 = 10
x = 10 - 9
x = 1
x + 9 = -10
x = -10 - 9
x = -19

So, x = -19 or x = 1.

General Science

In the classification of life, bacteria, archaea and eukaryota are which of the following?


The broadest classification of life splits all organisms into three groups called domains. The three domains of life are bacteria, archaea and eukaryota.

General Science

Earth's breathable air is held in which atmospheric layer?


The Earth's atmosphere has several layers starting with the troposphere which is closest in proximity to the surface. Containing most of the Earth's breathable air (oxygen and nitrogen), it's a region with warmer temperatures closer to the surface and cooler temperatures farther away which results in the rising and falling air that generates weather.