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Sample Practice Test Questions

Automotive Information

The intake ports on the cylinder heads is fed outside air via the:

intake manifold

The intake manifold distributes outside air to the intake ports on the cylinder heads. The intake air filter removes any airborne contaminants before the air enters the engine.

General Science

A major difference between sound waves and light waves is which of the following?

all of these are correct

A vibrating object produces a sound wave that travels outwardly from the object through a medium (any liquid or solid matter). The vibration disturbs the particles in the surrounding medium, those particles disturb the particules next to them, and so on, as the sound propagates away from the vibration.

General Science

Which of the following is not true about simple magnets?

opposite poles repel each other

Simple magnets have two poles, north and south, and opposite poles attract each other (N attracts S, S attracts N). Likewise, the same pole of two magnets repel (N repels N, S repels S). The Earth has a magnetic field and North and South Poles which enables the use of a magnetic compass to determine direction.

Word Knowledge
Revive most nearly means:
To bring back to life.
Electronics Information

The formula specifying Ohm's law is which of the following?

V = IR

Ohm's law specifies the relationship between voltage (V), current (I), and resistance (R) in an electrical circuit: V = IR.

Mechanical Comprehension

Hydraulics is the transmission of force through the use of which of the following?


Hydraulics is the transmission of force through the use of liquids. Liquids are especially suited for transferring force in complex machines because they compress very little and can occupy very small spaces. Hydraulic pressure is calculated by dividing force by the area over which it is applied: P = F/A where F is force in pounds, A is area in square inches, and the resulting pressure is in pounds per square inch (psi).

Math Knowledge

Solve for y:
2y + 2 < 8 - 8y

y < \(\frac{3}{5}\)

To solve this equation, repeatedly do the same thing to both sides of the equation until the variable is isolated on one side of the < sign and the answer on the other.

2y + 2 < 8 - 8y
2y < 8 - 8y - 2
2y + 8y < 8 - 2
10y < 6
y < \( \frac{6}{10} \)
y < \(\frac{3}{5}\)

General Science

When light travels between two substances it bends. This is called:


Because different materials have different refractive indices, light changes speed when passing from one material to another. This causes the light to bend (refraction) at an angle that depends on the change in refractive index between the materials. The greater the difference, the higher the angle of refraction.

Word Knowledge
Jonah regretted entangling Parker in his legal difficulties.
To involve in trouble.
Word Knowledge
Discern most nearly means:
To recognize as separate as distinct.