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Sample Practice Test Questions

General Science

Which is the proper order of Earth's atmospheric layers from the surface up to space?

troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere

The troposphere is the closest layer to Earth, followed by the stratosphere, mesosphere, and finally the thermosphere which borders space.

General Science

Molecules and atoms that are outputs from a chemical reaction are known as which of the following?


During a chemical reaction molecules and atoms (reactants) are rearranged into new combinations that result in new kinds of atoms or molecules (products).

Automotive Information

Cylinder air and fuel intake valves, exhaust valves, and mounts for spark plugs and fuel injectors are contained in the:

head gasket

Cylinders act as a guide for the pistons that translate the heat energy of combustion into the mechanical energy necessary to move a vehicle. Piston rings seal the piston to the cylinder to contain combustion gases and also regulate the oil distribution between the piston and cylinder wall. A cylinder head closes in the top of the cylinder forming the combustion chamber which is sealed by a head gasket (head). The head provides space for air and fuel intake valves, exhaust valves, and mounts for spark plugs and fuel injectors.

Word Knowledge
Brandish most nearly means:
To shake or wave menacingly.
General Science

Vector quantities are fully described by which of the following?

a magnitude and a direction

Velocity and displacement are vector quantities which means each is fully described by both a magnitude and a direction.  In contrast, scalar quantities are quantities that are fully described by a magnitude only.  A variable indicating a vector quantity will often be shown with an arrow symbol:  \(\vec{v}\)

Word Knowledge
Flourish most nearly means:
To make bold, sweeping gestures.
Math Knowledge

A cylinder with a radius (r) and a height (h) has a surface area of:

2(π r2) + 2π rh

A cylinder is a solid figure with straight parallel sides and a circular or oval cross section with a radius (r) and a height (h). The volume of a cylinder is π r2h and the surface area is 2(π r2) + 2π rh.

Mechanical Comprehension

Torque involves a perpendicular force applied to a lever arm that moves around a center of rotation. Increasing the length of the lever arm will do which of the following?

increase torque

Torque measures force applied during rotation: τ = rF.  Torque (τ, the Greek letter tau) = the radius of the lever arm (r) multiplied by the force (F) applied. Radius is measured from the center of rotation or fulcrum to the point at which the perpendicular force is being applied. The resulting unit for torque is newton-meter (N-m) or foot-pound (ft-lb).

Mechanical Comprehension

Two gears are connected and the larger gear drives the smaller gear. The speed of rotation will __________ and the torque will __________.

increase, decrease

Connected gears of different numbers of teeth are used together to change the rotational speed and torque of the input force. If the smaller gear drives the larger gear, the speed of rotation will be reduced and the torque will increase. If the larger gear drives the smaller gear, the speed of rotation will increase and the torque will be reduced.

Automotive Information

What's the name of the high-voltage winding in the ignition coil?

secondary coil winding

The ignition coil is a high-voltage transformer made up of two coils of wire. The primary coil winding is the low-voltage winding and has relatively few turns of heavy wire. The secondary coil winding is the high-voltage winding that surrounds the primary and is made up of thousands of turns of fine wire. Current flows from the battery through the primary coil winding which creates a changing magnetic field inside the secondary coil. This induces a very high-voltage current in the secondary coil which it feeds to the distributor.