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Sample Practice Test Questions

General Science

Which of the following describes how a person's genes express themselves in physical characteristics?


A person's genotype is their genetic makeup and includes both dominant and recessive alleles. Phenotype is how the genes express themselves in physical characteristics.

General Science

Someone who has Rh-factor __________ blood cannot receive blood with a __________ type.

negative, positive

Blood transfer is limited by the type and Rh factor of the blood. Someone who has Rh-factor negative blood cannot receive blood with a positive type but a person with Rh-factor positive type blood can receive Rh-negative blood. Type O negative blood is the universal donor because it can be given to a person with any blood type. Type AB positive is the universal recipient meaning someone with this blood type can receive any other type of blood.

Electronics Information

What kind of diode allows current to flow in the opposite direction once a certain voltage threshold is reached?

zener diode

A diode allows current to pass easily in one direction and blocks current in the other direction. A zener diode is a diode which allows current to flow in one direction as normal and will also allow current flow in the reverse direction when the voltage is above a certain value. This value is called the breakdown voltage.

Mechanical Comprehension

Concurrent forces:

pass through a common point

Collinear forces act along the same line of action, concurrent forces pass through a common point and coplanar forces act in a common plane.

Word Knowledge
Although her stomach was in knots, the actress appeared perfectly composed when she took the stage.
Automotive Information

The wheel __________ is the mounting point for the wheel and tire assembly.


The wheel hub is the mounting point for the wheel and tire assembly. The wheel hub can rotate while being held stable by the steering knuckle which applies the motion of the control arms to the wheels.

Word Knowledge
Retroactive most nearly means:
effective as of a prior time or condition.
Automotive Information

How are the cylinders numbered in V-type engines?

cylinder numbering varies by manufacturer

In V-type engines the numbering sequence varies by manufacturer.

Arithmetic Reasoning

What is \( \frac{28\sqrt{35}}{4\sqrt{5}} \)?

7 \( \sqrt{7} \)

To divide terms with radicals, divide the coefficients and radicands separately:

\( \frac{28\sqrt{35}}{4\sqrt{5}} \)
\( \frac{28}{4} \) \( \sqrt{\frac{35}{5}} \)
7 \( \sqrt{7} \)

General Science

All surface water is part of the:


The biosphere is the global ecological system integrating all living beings and their relationships. This includes their interactions with the lithosphere (the rigid outer part of the earth, consisting of the crust and upper mantle), hydrosphere (all surface water), and atmosphere (the envelope of gases surrounding the planet).