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Sample Practice Test Questions

Word Knowledge
Advantageous most nearly means:
Giving an advantage.
Mechanical Comprehension
What is the efficiency of a machine has work input of 100 ft⋅lb and work output of 35 ft⋅lb?
Due to friction, a machine will never be able to utilize 100% of its work input. A certain percentage of that input will be lost in overcoming friction within the machine. Effeciency is a measure of how much of a machine's work input can be turned into useful work output and is calculated by dividing work output by work input and multiplying the result by 100:
\( Efficiency = \frac{Work_{out}}{Work_{in}} \times 100 \) \( = \frac{35 ft⋅lb}{100 ft⋅lb} \times 100 \) \( = 35% \) %
Mechanical Comprehension

Potential energy is energy that has the potential to be converted into what?

 kinetic energy

Potential energy is the energy of an object by virtue of its position relative to other objects. It is energy that has the potential to be converted into kinetic energy.

Word Knowledge
The stern principal canceled the prom after the seniors played a silly prank.
Harsh, severe.
Electronics Information

General current flow in a transistor is from __________ to __________.

collector, emitter

The transistor is the foundation of modern electronic devices. It is made entirely from semiconductor material (making it a solid state device) and can serve many different functions in a circuit including acting as a switch, amplifier, or current regulator. A transistor works by allowing a small amount of current applied at the base to control general current flow from collector to emitter through the transistor.

Automotive Information

What function does a two-stroke cycle engine perform on the second stroke?

combustion and exhaust

The two strokes of a two-stroke cycle engine are fuel intake and compression then combustion and exhaust.

General Science

Which of the following describes the Earth's mantle?

all of these

Mantle makes up 84% of the Earth's volume and has an average thickness of approximately 1,800 miles (2,900 km). It is dense, hot, and primarily solid although in places it behaves more like a viscous fluid as the plates of the upper mantle and crust gradually "float" along its circumference.

Automotive Information

Spark plugs receive current from the:


Spark plugs receive current from the distributor and use it to spark combustion in the combustion chamber of a cylinder.

Mechanical Comprehension

A block and tackle with four pulleys would have a mechanical advantage of:


Two or more pulleys used together constitute a block and tackle which, unlike a fixed pulley, does impart mechanical advantage as a function of the number of pulleys that make up the arrangement.  So, for example, a block and tackle with three pulleys would have a mechanical advantage of three.

General Science

In fermentation, what replaces oxygen in anaerobic respiration?

lactic acid or alcohol

If no oxygen is present, cellular respiration is anaerobic and will result in fermentation where either lactic acid or alcohol is used instead of oxygen.