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Sample Practice Test Questions

Electronics Information

This circuit component symbol represents a(n):


An inductor is coiled wire that stores electric energy in the form of magnetic energy and resists changes in the electric current flowing through it. If current is increasing, the inductor produces a voltage that slows the increase and, if current is decreasing, the magnetic energy in the coil opposes the decrease to keep the current flowing longer. In contrast to capacitors, inductors allow DC to pass easily but resist the flow of AC.

General Science

Which of the following is not a base unit in the metric system?

degree Fahrenheit

The Fahrenheit scale is used for measuring temperature in the British system. The metric system uses the Celsius scale.

Automotive Information

Spark plugs receive current from the:


Spark plugs receive current from the distributor and use it to spark combustion in the combustion chamber of a cylinder.

Arithmetic Reasoning

What is the next number in this sequence: 1, 3, 7, 13, 21, __________ ?


The equation for this sequence is:

an = an-1 + 2(n - 1)

where n is the term's order in the sequence, an is the value of the term, and an-1 is the value of the term before an. This makes the next number:

a6 = a5 + 2(6 - 1)
a6 = 21 + 2(5)
a6 = 31

Math Knowledge

Which of the following statements about math operations is incorrect?

all of these statements are correct

You can only add or subtract monomials that have the same variable and the same exponent. For example, 2a + 4a = 6a and 4a2 - a2 = 3a2 but 2a + 4b and 7a - 3b cannot be combined. However, you can multiply and divide monomials with unlike terms. For example, 2a x 6b = 12ab.

General Science

In the classification of life, which of the following is not a domain?


The broadest classification of life splits all organisms into three groups called domains. The three domains of life are bacteria, archaea and eukaryota.

Automotive Information

Waste gases from combustion are removed from the combustion chamber by the:

exhaust valve

The combustion chamber is located in the cylinder head and contains the combustion of the air-fuel mixture. This mixture is delivered by an intake valve and the waste gases from combustion are removed from the combustion chamber by the exhaust valve.

Word Knowledge
The frugal shopper only bought items that were on sale.
Thrifty, cheap.
Shop Information

A joint created by soldering is:

weaker than a weld

A joint created by soldering is not as strong as a weld and not as strong as the original metal.

Mechanical Comprehension
270 ft⋅lb If A = 9 ft. and the green box weighs 30 lbs. what is the torque acting on the A side of this lever?
270 ft⋅lb
For a lever, torque is weight x distance from the fulcrum which, in this case, is: 30 ft. x 9 lbs. = 270 ft⋅lb