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Sample Practice Test Questions

Arithmetic Reasoning

Find the average of the following numbers: 17, 13, 17, 13.


To find the average of these 4 numbers add them together then divide by 4:

\( \frac{17 + 13 + 17 + 13}{4} \) = \( \frac{60}{4} \) = 15

Mechanical Comprehension

Tension is a force that does which of the following?

stretches an object

Tension is a force that stretches or elongates something. When a cable or rope is used to pull an object, for example, it stretches internally as it accepts the weight that it's moving. Although tension is often treated as applying equally to all parts of a material, it's greater at the places where the material is under the most stress.

Mechanical Comprehension
10.5 ft. The green box weighs 10 lbs. and a 35 lbs. weight is placed 3 ft. from the fulcrum at the blue arrow. How far from the fulcrum would the green box need to be placed to balance the lever?
10.5 ft.

To balance this lever the torques on each side of the fulcrum must be equal. Torque is weight x distance from the fulcrum so the equation for equilibrium is:

Rada = Rbdb

where a represents the left side of the fulcrum and b the right, R is resistance (weight) and d is the distance from the fulcrum.

Solving for da, our missing value, and plugging in our variables yields:

da = \( \frac{R_bd_b}{R_a} \) = \( \frac{35 lbs. \times 3 ft.}{10 lbs.} \) = \( \frac{105 ft⋅lb}{10 lbs.} \) = 10.5 ft.

General Science

When the clouds become too saturated with water, the water is released as precipitation in the form of:


Rising into the atmosphere, the water condenses into clouds. When the clouds become too saturated with water, the water is released as snow or ice precipitation which may warm as it falls to reach Earth as rain.

Word Knowledge
My parents banned Chad from our house because of his indecorous behavior at dinner.
In bad taste.
Electronics Information

A transistor to an electronic circuit is like a _______________ to a house?


A transistor works by allowing a small amount of current applied at the base to control general current flow from collector to emitter through the transistor. A transistor acts as a gate or switch for electronic signals.

Electronics Information
What's the overall power consumption of a piece of equipment that is rated for 7 amps at 60 volts?
420 W
Power is measured in watts (W) and 1 watt equals 1 ampere multiplied by 1 volt: P = \( V \times I \). For this problem, the equipment is rated for 7 amps (I) at 60 volts (V) so the equation becomes P = \( 60 \times 7 \) = 420 W
Automotive Information

Power brakes multiply the force a driver applies to the brake pedal using a __________ connected to the engine intake manifold.

vacuum booster

Power brakes multiply the force a driver applies to the brake pedal using a vacuum booster connected to the engine intake manifold. This provides for much higher hydraulic pressure in the braking system than could be generated by the driver alone. Antilock brakes (ABS) use speed sensors and adjust the brake pressure at each wheel to prevent skidding and allow the driver more steering control in slippery conditions.

Electronics Information

The volt is a unit of measurement for:


Voltage (V) is the electrical potential difference between two points. Electrons will flow as current from areas of high potential (concentration of electrons) to areas of low potential. Voltage and current are directly proportional in that the higher the voltage applied to a conductor the higher the current that will result.

Shop Information

You're creating a tube out of a sheet of metal. What type of fastener are you likely to use?


A nail is a short pin-shaped shaft of steel that's typically used to fasten pieces of wood together. It has a flat head on one end and a point on the other. A rivet consists of a cylindrical shaft with a head on one end and a tail on the other. When the rivet is installed, the tail is expanded and reshaped to form another head, creating a dumbell shape that will hold two surfaces together semi-permanently.