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Sample Practice Test Questions

Word Knowledge
Lurid most nearly means:
Causing horror, shocking.
Mechanical Comprehension

An inclined plane increases ___________ to reduce ____________.

distance, force

An inclined plane is a simple machine that reduces the force needed to raise an object to a certain height. Work equals force x distance and, by increasing the distance that the object travels, an inclined plane reduces the force necessary to raise it to a particular height. In this case, the mechanical advantage is to make the task easier. An example of an inclined plane is a ramp.

Word Knowledge
The supple leather coat draped like soft cloth around her shoulders.
Electronics Information

What is the primary difference between a rectifier and an inverter?

a rectifier converts an AC input to DC while an inverter converts a DC input to AC

A diode allows current to pass easily in one direction and blocks current in the other direction. Diodes are commonly used for rectification which is the conversion of alternating current (AC) into direct current (DC). Because a diode only allows current flow in one direction, it will pass either the upper or lower half of AC waves (half-wave rectification) creating pulsating DC. Multiple diodes can be connected together to utilize both halves of the AC signal in full-wave rectification.

General Science

In the metric system, what prefix represents 103?


Kilo is the metric system prefix for 103.

Mechanical Comprehension
26.67 lbs. If the green box weighs 30 lbs. and is 8 ft. from the fulcrum, how much force would need to be applied at the blue arrow to balance the lever if the arrow's distance from the fulcrum is 9 ft.?
26.67 lbs.

To balance this lever the torques at the green box and the blue arrow must be equal. Torque is weight x distance from the fulcrum so the equation for equilibrium is:

Rada = Rbdb

where a represents the green box and b the blue arrow, R is resistance (weight/force) and d is the distance from the fulcrum.

Solving for Rb, our missing value, and plugging in our variables yields:

Rb = \( \frac{R_ad_a}{d_b} \) = \( \frac{30 lbs. \times 8 ft.}{9 ft.} \) = \( \frac{240 ft⋅lb}{9 ft.} \) = 26.67 lbs.

Word Knowledge
Pantomime most nearly means:
Telling a story through gestures.
Electronics Information

Which of the following is the formula for calculating electrical power?

P = IV

Electrical power is measured in watts (W) and is calculated by multiplying the voltage (V) applied to a circuit by the resulting current (I) that flows in the circuit: P = IV. In addition to measuring production capacity, power also measures the rate of energy consumption and many loads are rated for their consumption capacity. For example, a 60W lightbulb utilizes 60W of energy to produce the equivalent of 60W of heat and light energy.

Mechanical Comprehension

A screw is most like which of the following other simple machines?

inclined plane

A screw is an inclined plane wrapped in ridges (threads) around a cylinder. The distance between these ridges defines the pitch of the screw and this distance is how far the screw advances when it is turned once. The mechanical advantage of a screw is its circumference divided by the pitch.

Electronics Information

Capacitors are charged by what type of current?


Capacitors store voltage and are used in circuits as temporary batteries. Capacitors are charged by DC current (AC current passes through a capacitor) and that stored charge can later be dissipated into the circuit as needed. Capacitors are often used to maintain power within a system when it is disconnected from its primary power source or to smooth out or filter voltage within a circuit.