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Sample Practice Test Questions

Arithmetic Reasoning

What is \( \frac{3}{3} \) - \( \frac{5}{5} \)?

To subtract these fractions, first find the lowest common multiple of their denominators. The first few multiples of 3 are [3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27, 30] and the first few multiples of 5 are [5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50]. The first few multiples they share are [15, 30, 45, 60, 75] making 15 the smallest multiple 3 and 5 share.

Next, convert the fractions so each denominator equals the lowest common multiple:

\( \frac{3 x 5}{3 x 5} \) - \( \frac{5 x 3}{5 x 3} \)

\( \frac{15}{15} \) - \( \frac{15}{15} \)

Now, because the fractions share a common denominator, you can subtract them:

\( \frac{15 - 15}{15} \) = \( \frac{0}{15} \) =

Electronics Information

An inductor __________ changes in the electric current flowing through it.


An inductor is coiled wire that stores electric energy in the form of magnetic energy and resists changes in the electric current flowing through it. If current is increasing, the inductor produces a voltage that slows the increase and, if current is decreasing, the magnetic energy in the coil opposes the decrease to keep the current flowing longer. In contrast to capacitors, inductors allow DC to pass easily but resist the flow of AC.

Math Knowledge

Find the value of c:
5c + z = -1
-2c - 3z = -3


You need to find the value of c so solve the first equation in terms of z:

5c + z = -1
z = -1 - 5c

then substitute the result (-1 - 5c) into the second equation:

-2c - 3(-1 - 5c) = -3
-2c + (-3 x -1) + (-3 x -5c) = -3
-2c + 3 + 15c = -3
-2c + 15c = -3 - 3
13c = -6
c = \( \frac{-6}{13} \)
c = -\(\frac{6}{13}\)

General Science

Which part of the respiratory system helps protect against infection?


After air enters through the nose, it passes through the nasal cavity which filters, moistens, and warms it. Further filtering takes place in the pharynx, which also helps protect against infection, and then in the trachea which is just past the epiglottis, responsible for preventing food from entering the airway.

Shop Information
adjustable wrench

This tool is a(n) __________.

adjustable wrench

Wrenches are used to provide grip and mechanical advantage by applying torque to turn objects (or to keep them from turning). The longer the wrench, the more torque that can be applied. Wrench ends are available in two primary types, open-end and box-end. A box-end wrench encloses the bolt head and is useful when more torque is needed or to maintain contact in difficult to reach locations. An open-end wrench is designed for speedily loosening easier to reach fasteners. Wrenches that feature one open and one box end are called combination wrenches and adjustable wrenches feature an open end with an adjustable width.

Word Knowledge
Raucous most nearly means:
Noisy, rowdy.
General Science

Tough fibrous cords of connective tissue that connect muscles to the skeleton are called:


Tough fibrous cords of connective tissue called tendons connect muscles to the skeleton while another type of connective tissue called ligaments connect bones to other bones at joints (elbow, knee, fingers, spinal column).

Word Knowledge
Sarah thought George's ploy of borrowing her notes was a cowardly way to ask her out.
A contrived plan.
General Science

The energy posessed by a ball on the window ledge of a tall building is an example of what kind of energy?


Kinetic energy is the energy posessed by a moving object. Potential energy is stored energy in a stationary object based on its location, position, shape, or state.

Electronics Information

Current is the rate of flow of electrons per unit time and is measured in:


Current is the rate of flow of electrons per unit time and is measured in amperes (A). A coulomb (C) is the quantity of electricity conveyed in one second by a current of one ampere.