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Sample Practice Test Questions

General Science

The Earth's rocks fall into three categories based on how they're formed. Which of the following is formed from the hardening of molten rock?


The Earth's rocks fall into three categories based on how they're formed. Igneous rock (granite, basalt, obsidian) is formed from the hardening of molten rock (lava), sedimentary rock (shale, sandstone, coal) is formed by the gradual despositing and cementing of rock and other debris, and metamorphic rock (marble, slate, quartzite) which is formed when existing rock is altered though pressure, temperature, or chemical processes.

Word Knowledge
Ebenezer Scrooge was most penurious, refusing to give even a penny to charity.
Extrememly stingy.
Electronics Information

This circuit component symbol represents a(n):


A diode allows current to pass easily in one direction and blocks current in the other direction. Diodes are commonly used for rectification which is the conversion of alternating current (AC) into direct current (DC). Because a diode only allows current flow in one direction, it will pass either the upper or lower half of AC waves (half-wave rectification) creating pulsating DC. Multiple diodes can be connected together to utilize both halves of the AC signal in full-wave rectification.

Word Knowledge
Parity most nearly means:
Electronics Information

Which of the following is not a terminal on a transistor?


A transistor works by allowing a small amount of current applied at the base to control general current flow from collector to emitter through the transistor.

General Science

Cirrus clouds generally occur in what kind of weather?


Cirrus clouds are thin, wispy high-altitude clouds composed of ice crystals that originate from the freezing of supercooled water droplets. Cirrus clouds generally occur in fair weather and point in the direction of air movement at their elevation.

Mechanical Comprehension
A mass of air has a pressure of 6.0 psi and a volume of 30 ft.3. If the air is compressed to a new volume of 10 ft.3, what is the new pressure?
18 psi

According to Boyle's Law, pressure and volume are inversely proportional:

\( \frac{P_1}{P_2} \) = \( \frac{V_2}{V_1} \)

In this problem, V2 = 10 ft.3, V1 = 30 ft.3 and P1 = 6.0 psi. Solving for P2:

P2 = \( \frac{P_1}{\frac{V_2}{V_1}} \) = \( \frac{6.0 psi}{\frac{10 ft.^3}{30 ft.^3}} \) = 18 psi

Shop Information

You are using a hacksaw to cut a Class 8 bolt. What is the most appropriate TPI for your saw blade?

18 TPI

A Class 8 bolt is made of very hard metal and larger TPI saw blades are most appropriate for very hard metals.

Word Knowledge
Claudia's implausible excuse failed to convince her teacher.
Automotive Information

Just before the piston reaches top dead center, the spark plug fires and ignites the compressed air-fuel mixture. This describes which engine stroke?


During the power stroke, just before the piston reaches top dead center, the spark plug fires and ignites the compressed air-fuel mixture. The resulting expansion due to combustion pushes the piston back down the cylinder toward bottom dead center.