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Sample Practice Test Questions

Shop Information

You are using a hacksaw to cut a Class 8 bolt. What is the most appropriate TPI for your saw blade?

18 TPI

A Class 8 bolt is made of very hard metal and larger TPI saw blades are most appropriate for very hard metals.

Automotive Information

The wheel __________ is the mounting point for the wheel and tire assembly.


The wheel hub is the mounting point for the wheel and tire assembly. The wheel hub can rotate while being held stable by the steering knuckle which applies the motion of the control arms to the wheels.

Math Knowledge

What is 7a + 6a?


To combine like terms, add or subtract the coefficients (the numbers that come before the variables) of terms that have the same variable raised to the same exponent.

7a + 6a = 13a

Electronics Information

Which of the following converts electrical energy into another form of energy in an electrical circuit?


A load is a source of resistance that converts electrical energy into another form of energy. The components of a microwave, for example, are loads that work together to convert household electricity into radation that can be used to quickly cook food.

Arithmetic Reasoning

What is \( \frac{4}{6} \) + \( \frac{4}{14} \)?


To add these fractions, first find the lowest common multiple of their denominators. The first few multiples of 6 are [6, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 42, 48, 54, 60] and the first few multiples of 14 are [14, 28, 42, 56, 70, 84, 98]. The first few multiples they share are [42, 84] making 42 the smallest multiple 6 and 14 share.

Next, convert the fractions so each denominator equals the lowest common multiple:

\( \frac{4 x 7}{6 x 7} \) + \( \frac{4 x 3}{14 x 3} \)

\( \frac{28}{42} \) + \( \frac{12}{42} \)

Now, because the fractions share a common denominator, you can add them:

\( \frac{28 + 12}{42} \) = \( \frac{40}{42} \) = \(\frac{20}{21}\)

General Science

The energy posessed by a ball on the window ledge of a tall building is an example of what kind of energy?


Kinetic energy is the energy posessed by a moving object. Potential energy is stored energy in a stationary object based on its location, position, shape, or state.

Automotive Information

Ignition timing defines the point in time at the end of the compression stroke that which of the following happens?

spark plugs fire

Ignition timing defines the point in time at the end of the compression stroke that the spark plug fires. Measured in number of degrees before top dead center (BTDC), the exact point that the spark plugs initiate combustion varies depending on the speed of the engine. The timing is advanced (the spark plugs fire a few more degrees BTDC) when the engine is running faster and retarded when it's running slower.

General Science

Which of the following states of matter exists at the highest temperature?


Solids exist at a lower temperature than liquids which exist at a lower temperature than gases.

General Science

Vector quantities are fully described by which of the following?

a magnitude and a direction

Velocity and displacement are vector quantities which means each is fully described by both a magnitude and a direction.  In contrast, scalar quantities are quantities that are fully described by a magnitude only.  A variable indicating a vector quantity will often be shown with an arrow symbol:  \(\vec{v}\)

Automotive Information

Which of the following is a common firing order for four-cylinder engines?


The stroke cycle of an engine is governed by the crankshaft which serves to regulate the firing order of the cylinders. All cylinders are not on the same stroke at the same time and correct firing order is important to balance engine operation and minimize vibrations. A common firing order for four-cylinder engines is 1-3-4-2 which indicates that cylinders 1 and 3 fire (power stroke)together and cylinders 4 and 2 fire together.