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Sample Practice Test Questions

General Science

Sound travels fastest through which of the following media?


The speed of a sound wave will vary with the medium.  Sound travels fastest through media that has particles that are very close together, like metal. Thus, it travels faster through water than through air and doesn't travel at all through a vacuum (there are no particles in empty space to vibrate).

Electronics Information
6 A Use Ohm's Law to calculate the value of current in this circuit if voltage is 240 volts and resistance is 40 Ω.
6 A

Ohm's law specifies the relationship between voltage (V), current (I), and resistance (R) in an electrical circuit: V = IR.

Solved for current, I = \( \frac{V}{R} \) = \( \frac{240}{40} \) = 6 A

Automotive Information

What function does a two-stroke cycle engine perform on the second stroke?

combustion and exhaust

The two strokes of a two-stroke cycle engine are fuel intake and compression then combustion and exhaust.

Word Knowledge
Punctual most nearly means:
On time.
General Science

Which of the following is the correct order for types of radiation from longest to shortest wavelength?

radio waves → visible light → gamma rays

The electromagnetic spectrum covers all possible wavelengths and frequencies of radiation.  From lowest frequency (longest wavelength) to highest frequency (shortest wavelength) radiation: radio waves → microwaves → infrared waves → visible light → ultraviolet light → X-rays → gamma rays.

General Science

Saturated fats can __________ LDL ("bad") cholesterol while unsaturated fats can __________ it.

raise, decrease

Saturated fats can raise LDL ("bad") cholesterol while unsaturated fats can decrease it.

Word Knowledge
Anthology most nearly means:
A collection of selected literary pieces.
Mechanical Comprehension

Assuming force applied remains constant, which of the following will result in more work being done?

moving the object farther

Work is accomplished when force is applied to an object: W = Fd where F is force in newtons (N) and d is distance in meters (m). Thus, the more force that must be applied to move an object, the more work is done and the farther an object is moved by exerting force, the more work is done.

Word Knowledge
Equitable most nearly means:
Fair and equal.
Mechanical Comprehension

The steering wheel of a car is an example of which type of simple machine?

wheel and axle

A wheel and axle uses two different diameter wheels mounted to a connecting axle. Force is applied to the larger wheel and large movements of this wheel result in small movements in the smaller wheel. Because a larger movement distance is being translated to a smaller distance, force is increased with a mechanical advantage equal to the ratio of the diameters of the wheels. An example of a wheel and axle is the steering wheel of a car.