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Sample Practice Test Questions

Arithmetic Reasoning

If a rectangle is twice as long as it is wide and has a perimeter of 12 meters, what is the area of the rectangle?

8 m2

The area of a rectangle is width (w) x height (h). In this problem we know that the rectangle is twice as long as it is wide so h = 2w. The perimeter of a rectangle is 2w + 2h and we know that the perimeter of this rectangle is 12 meters so the equation becomes: 2w + 2h = 12.

Putting these two equations together and solving for width (w):

2w + 2h = 12
w + h = \( \frac{12}{2} \)
w + h = 6
w = 6 - h

From the question we know that h = 2w so substituting 2w for h gives us:

w = 6 - 2w
3w = 6
w = \( \frac{6}{3} \)
w = 2

Since h = 2w that makes h = (2 x 2) = 4 and the area = h x w = 2 x 4 = 8 m2

Automotive Information

A __________ is a drive axle that extends from a transaxle or differential to one of the drive wheels.

half shaft

A half shaft is a drive axle that extends from a transaxle or differential to one of the drive wheels. There are two half shafts per drive axle, one for each wheel, each doing "half" the job.

Math Knowledge

The dimensions of this cube are height (h) = 7, length (l) = 7, and width (w) = 7. What is the surface area?


The surface area of a cube is (2 x length x width) + (2 x width x height) + (2 x length x height):

sa = 2lw + 2wh + 2lh
sa = (2 x 7 x 7) + (2 x 7 x 7) + (2 x 7 x 7)
sa = (98) + (98) + (98)
sa = 294

General Science

The Rh factor antigen in blood determines:

postive or negative

Blood is categorized into four different types (A, B, AB, and O) based on the type of antigens found on the outside of the red blood cells. Additionally, each type can be negative or positive based on whether or not the cells have an antigen called the Rh factor.

General Science

Which of Earth's layers has weather?


The Earth's atmosphere has several layers starting with the troposphere which is closest in proximity to the surface. Containing most of the Earth's breathable air (oxygen and nitrogen), it's a region with warmer temperatures closer to the surface and cooler temperatures farther away which results in the rising and falling air that generates weather.

Electronics Information

An engineer who wants to document an electric circuit would create which of the following?

a schematic

A schematic is the proper name for a drawing of an electric or electronic circuit.

Word Knowledge
The genial host warmly greeted his many guests.
Sympathetic, friendly.
Automotive Information

Power brakes multiply the force a driver applies to the brake pedal using a __________ connected to the engine intake manifold.

vacuum booster

Power brakes multiply the force a driver applies to the brake pedal using a vacuum booster connected to the engine intake manifold. This provides for much higher hydraulic pressure in the braking system than could be generated by the driver alone. Antilock brakes (ABS) use speed sensors and adjust the brake pressure at each wheel to prevent skidding and allow the driver more steering control in slippery conditions.

General Science

In the metric system, what prefix represents 103?


Kilo is the metric system prefix for 103.

Electronics Information

Which of the following is a characteristic of batteries connected in series?

total voltage equals the sum of the individual battery voltages

You can multiply the voltage or the current supplied by individual batteries by connecting them together either in series or in parallel. The characteristics of batteries connected in series are that total voltage equals the sum of the individual battery voltages, total current equals the average of the individual battery currents, the positive terminal of one battery is connected to the negative terminal of the next, and one connection is made between each adjacent battery.