Study Guide

The ASVAB Study Guide breaks up each ASVAB subtest into easy to study topics that outline the precise information that you need to know for each subtest. It also shows you the number of questions 10 , problems 7 , and flash cards 9 for each topic and a click on each button will allow you to take a custom test containing only questions, problems, or flash cards assigned to that topic.

Practice Tests

Random & Repeatable

Each ASVAB practice test is created from a custom template that will randomize question and answer order and, in the case of problems, randomize the variables used. Each test will start with an overview of what will be covered and a study guide and end with an overview of your answers along with a solution for each question. Each test also has a unique link so you can repeat a particular combination of questions and problems as you study.


Each test is five questions long to give you quick feedback on your performance. The option to take a longer or shorter test is coming soon.

Questions & Problems

Questions have a single answer and, other than answer order, don't change each time you take a practice test. Problems (typically covering math and algebra) include variables that change and will result in a different answer being correct every time.


You can get help for each question by clicking the button to see the study guide entry for that question or to mark one of the wrong answers. Click an answer letter to proceed to the next question.

Test Results

The test results page shows Your Results on the test along with the Global Average score for everyone who has answered the questions on that test. The breakdown for each question shows your answer ( if your answer is correct, if your answer is incorrect), the correct answer ( A ), if you got the question wrong, a detailed solution, and the percentage of all people who have answered that question correctly in the past.

Flash Cards

Random & Repeatable

Flash card sets are also randomized and can be repeated using the custom link shown at the beginning of that set.


Each flash card set is ten flash cards long. The option to use longer or shorter sets is coming soon.


You can get help for each flash card by clicking the button to see the study guide entry for that flash card. Click to proceed to the next flash card.