ASVAB General Science Digestive System Practice Test 156736

Questions 5
Focus Digestive System
Topics Liver, Mouth & Throat, Pancreas, Stomach
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The liver produces bile which emulsifies (separates) fat.

Mouth & Throat

Digestion begins in the mouth where the teeth and tongue break down food mechanically through chewing and saliva, via the enzyme salivary amylase, starts to break starches down chemically. From the mouth, food travels down the esophagus where contractions push the food into the stomach.


The acids produced by the pancreas contain several enzymes that aid in digestion. Lipase converts fat to glycerol and fatty acids. Pancreatic amylase breaks down complex carbohydrates into simple sugars. Trypsin converts polypeptides (the building blocks of protein) into amino acids.


Food is mixed with gastric acid and pepsin in the stomach to help break down protein.