ASVAB Paragraph Comprehension Practice Test 202524

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The Agricultural Commissioner/Weights & Measures Department routinely conducts price verification inspections at retail locations to confirm that prices charged to consumers are the same as those posted or advertised. On a typical visit to a store, the inspector will select up to 15 items and then take them to the check stand for payment. When the items’ bar codes are scanned at the register, the price showing at the register must match what is posted on the shelf or advertised. If the prices do not match, the store will receive a notice of violation and the case may be turned over to the District Attorney’s Office or local city attorney for prosecution.
According to this passage:
An item costing less than the announced price will no t be considered a violation.
A store receives a violation when the shelf or advertised price does not match the charged price.
Price violation cases are automatically turned over to the appropriate jurisdiction’s attorney office.
An inspector will usually find a pricing error when 15 items are being purchased.