ASVAB Paragraph Comprehension Practice Test 237662

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Los Angeles County Immunization Program efforts are targeted primarily toward pediatric and adolescent immunizations , with some adult immunization activities. Although this Program serves the entire County population, many activities are specifically directed toward communities with children at high risk of under-immunization. The Immunization Program partners with other organizations to provide outreach and immunization services in pockets of need areas , which are defined as those areas with large numbers of un-immunized and under-immunized children.
According to this passage:
Children considered high risk are a special concern for the County Immunization Program.
Specialized outreach services to populations in rural parts of the County are a valued service.
The County Immunization Program operates as an independent agency providing immunization services.
The need to be immunized is less important for un-immunized adults than it is for un-immunized children.