ASVAB Paragraph Comprehension Practice Test 878859

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Balluta Bay is a bay on the northeast coast of Malta within St. Julian's. It is a popular recreation spot used for swimming, diving, and water sports, with a triangular pjazza surrounded by cafes and shaded by Judas trees.

Its skyline is dominated by the neo-gothic Carmelite Parish Church and the stunning art nouveau Balluta Buildings, which are apartment buildings on the eastern shore, as well as a cluster of terraced townhouses in the local variant of Georgian-style architecture. The south shore of Balluta Bay features Le Meridien St. Julian's Hotel, built on the grounds surrounding the 18th century Villa Cassar Torregiani.

In what type of publication would you be most likely to find the above passage?
In a book about historic buildings in Malta.
In a magazine devoted to water sports.
In a real estate ad.
In a travel guide to Malta.