ASVAB Paragraph Comprehension Practice Test 983611

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Volunteer hosts went to the airport, picked up assigned students, fed them dinner, took them to the opening lecture at the Clay Center, put them in spare bedrooms for the night, then fed them breakfast this morning and will deliver the outstanding teens to buses that convey them to the mountain retreat where they undergo a month of intensive science training and outdoor fun.

Luckily, this year, enough local families volunteered to host all the brilliant youths. In the past, the number of guest homes sometimes fell short, and some of the visitors slept on cots and sleeping bags at local churches. They're adventurous teens and don't mind this makeshift camp-in but it's better if friendly hosts give them a more personal welcome for their stay.

Which of the following topics would the next paragraph in this passage most likely cover?
The story of a time when one of the students stole from his host family.
Instructions for how local families can enroll their children in a similar program.
An overview of what the student's science training will cover.
Instructions for how local families can volunteer to become hosts.