ASVAB Shop Information Practice Test 607225

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A ratchet (or socket wrench) is a wrench that applies torque in only one direction with a handle that can be moved back and forth without losing contact with the fastener. A ratchet uses variable attachments called sockets which come in a variety of drive sizes based on the size of the opening that attaches to the ratchet. Sockets with the same drive size will vary in the shape (six-point, twelve-point) and size of the nut opening that attaches to the fastener being tightened or loosened. Smaller point sized sockets are stronger and can apply greater torque while larger point sizes allow easier alignment.

Which of the following is not an advantage of using a ratchet with a larger point-sized socket?

larger point sizes allow easier alignment

larger point sizes are stronger

larger point sizes allow greater toque to be applied

all of these are advantages of larger point sizes