ASVAB Word Knowledge Practice Test 111114

Questions 5
Words curtail, discern, frugal, pathos, rail

Study Guide

The definition for curtail is "To make less." Used in a sentence: Doreen decided to curtail her spending after she bounced a check.
The definition for discern is "To recognize as separate as distinct." Used in a sentence: The pastry connoisseur was able to discern Swiss from Belgian chocolate.
The definition for frugal is "Thrifty, cheap." Used in a sentence: The frugal shopper only bought items that were on sale.
The definition for pathos is "Sympathetic pity." Used in a sentence: The soldiers cherished the kindly Nurse Nightingale for her pathos.
The definition for rail is "To scold in harsh language." Used in a sentence: Clay began to cry as his irate manager railed at him for missing the deadline.