ASVAB Word Knowledge Practice Test 111713

Questions 5
Words appalling, clarity, flaunt, incisive, pretentious

Study Guide

The definition for appalling is "Inspiring dismay or disgust." Used in a sentence: Hector found his roommate's habit of leaving his dirty socks on the floor appalling.
The definition for clarity is "Clearness." Used in a sentence: The refreshing water in the mountain stream was remarkable for its clarity.
The definition for flaunt is "To display showily." Used in a sentence: Sheila, who could not resist bragging, flaunted the "A" marked on her test paper.
The definition for incisive is "Impressively direct and decisive." Used in a sentence: Samir's incisive leadership made him the natural choice for president of the company.
The definition for pretentious is "Making unjustified claims." Used in a sentence: The pretentious boy said that he was the fastest runner, but he finished last in the race.