ASVAB Word Knowledge Practice Test 124089

Questions 5
Words cunning, incongruous, precept, regale, untenable

Study Guide

The definition for cunning is "Showing clever insight." Used in a sentence: The general devised a cunning strategy to outfox the enemy.
The definition for incongruous is "Not harmonious, incompatible." Used in a sentence: Sadie's cowboy hat was incongruous with her black cocktail dress.
The definition for precept is "A general rule of action." Used in a sentence: All the students know Mrs. Brown's strict precept; no talking in class.
The definition for regale is "To amuse." Used in a sentence: My clever brother Jeffrey regaled the dinner guests with tales of his adventures.
The definition for untenable is "Not able to be defended." Used in a sentence: Rashid made the untenable statement that George Washington was the second president of the United States.