ASVAB Word Knowledge Practice Test 156165

Questions 5
Words abate, accessible, antidote, impenitent, plaudits

Study Guide

The definition for abate is "Become less in amount or intensity." Used in a sentence: Just when it seemed the rain would never stop, the storm suddenly began to abate.
The definition for accessible is "Easy to reach or to approach." Used in a sentence: The introduction to the complex novel was, thankfully, written in clear accessible language.
The definition for antidote is "Something that relieves or counteracts." Used in a sentence: Veronique found that listening to French music was an antidote for her homesickness.
The definition for impenitent is "Lacking remorse." Used in a sentence: The impenitent criminal received a harsh penalty, but his remorseful accomplice was released.
The definition for plaudits is "Enthusiastic approval." Used in a sentence: Allison's painting met with plaudits from the critics, who had dismissed her earlier work.