ASVAB Word Knowledge Practice Test 172220

Questions 5
Words commemorate, duplicity, eulogy, flourish, negate

Study Guide

The definition for commemorate is "To mark by a ceremony." Used in a sentence: Each year, the Franklins commemorate their anniversary by visiting the site of their first date.
The definition for duplicity is "Deceptive thought, speech, or action." Used in a sentence: The life of an undercover detective is filed with necessary duplicity.
The definition for eulogy is "Speech or writing in praise of deceased." Used in a sentence: Ernesto delivered a moving eulogy at his uncle's funeral.
The definition for flourish is "To make bold, sweeping gestures." Used in a sentence: The fairy godmother flourished her wand and turned the pumpkin into a carriage.
The definition for negate is "To make invalid." Used in a sentence: Paula negated Tiffany's argument by proving that her main premise was false.