ASVAB Word Knowledge Practice Test 185051

Questions 5
Words comparable, disconcert, extant, fickle, indecorous

Study Guide

The definition for comparable is "Similar, equivalent." Used in a sentence: Helen will only accept something of comparable value for her ticket to the concert.
The definition for disconcert is "To throw into confusion." Used in a sentence: Jennifer's outspoken criticism of the meal disoncerted the waiter.
The definition for extant is "Currently existing." Used in a sentence: Some consider Clint Eastwood the greatest extant American director.
The definition for fickle is "Lacking constancy, changeable." Used in a sentence: The fickle Senji had a new best friend every month.
The definition for indecorous is "In bad taste." Used in a sentence: My parents banned Chad from our house because of his indecorous behavior at dinner.