ASVAB Word Knowledge Practice Test 200971

Questions 5
Words facade, gargantuan, inviolable, moderate, plaudits

Study Guide

The definition for facade is "false or superficial appearance." Used in a sentence: Emily's smile is just a facade masking her broken heart.
The definition for gargantuan is "Gigantic." Used in a sentence: The gargantuan monster towered over the ten–story bulding.
The definition for inviolable is "Secure from assault of trespass." Used in a sentence: Situated on a mountain, with sixteen–foot walls, the castle was inviolable.
The definition for moderate is "Tending toward the average." Used in a sentence: The best–selling writer was disappointed; his new novel was only a moderate success.
The definition for plaudits is "Enthusiastic approval." Used in a sentence: Allison's painting met with plaudits from the critics, who had dismissed her earlier work.