ASVAB Word Knowledge Practice Test 205590

Questions 5
Words defiant, flaw, futile, inauspicious, precept

Study Guide

The definition for defiant is "Showing bold resistance." Used in a sentence: The defiant toddler refused to leave the park.
The definition for flaw is "An imperfection." Used in a sentence: The otherwise perfect diamond had a tiny flaw that reduced its value.
The definition for futile is "Without purpose, completely ineffective." Used in a sentence: Arguing with Andrew is futile because he never changes his mind.
The definition for inauspicious is "Not favorable." Used in a sentence: Gary believed the black foreboding sky was an inauspicious sign.
The definition for precept is "A general rule of action." Used in a sentence: All the students know Mrs. Brown's strict precept; no talking in class.