ASVAB Word Knowledge Practice Test 235913

Questions 5
Words deferment, entangle, incisive, lenient, pallid

Study Guide

The definition for deferment is "The act of delaying." Used in a sentence: Sybil was frustrated by the deferment of her much anticipated vacation.
The definition for entangle is "To involve in trouble." Used in a sentence: Jonah regretted entangling Parker in his legal difficulties.
The definition for incisive is "Impressively direct and decisive." Used in a sentence: Samir's incisive leadership made him the natural choice for president of the company.
The definition for lenient is "Mild or tolerant." Used in a sentence: The judge issued a lenient sentence because it was Frank's first offense.
The definition for pallid is "Lacking color." Used in a sentence: The nurse was worried by the patient's pallid face and shallow breathing.