ASVAB Word Knowledge Practice Test 25343

Questions 5
Words catastrophic, composed, disconcert, lenient, onset

Study Guide

The definition for catastrophic is "Relating to extreme misfortune." Used in a sentence: The effects of the massive hurricane were catastrophic.
The definition for composed is "Calm." Used in a sentence: Although her stomach was in knots, the actress appeared perfectly composed when she took the stage.
The definition for disconcert is "To throw into confusion." Used in a sentence: Jennifer's outspoken criticism of the meal disoncerted the waiter.
The definition for lenient is "Mild or tolerant." Used in a sentence: The judge issued a lenient sentence because it was Frank's first offense.
The definition for onset is "Beginning." Used in a sentence: Crocuses bloom at the onset of spring, sometimes even before the snow melts.