ASVAB Word Knowledge Practice Test 273536

Questions 5
Words buffoonery, cunning, melodious, obnoxious, pretentious

Study Guide

The definition for buffoonery is "Foolish behavior." Used in a sentence: Clarence, an irrepressible comic, was held after cass for his buffoonery.
The definition for cunning is "Showing clever insight." Used in a sentence: The general devised a cunning strategy to outfox the enemy.
The definition for melodious is "Having a pleasing melody." Used in a sentence: The melodious sounds of the symphony soothed Tim after his trying day.
The definition for obnoxious is "Highly offensive." Used in a sentence: The manager asked the obnoxious diner to leave the restaurant.
The definition for pretentious is "Making unjustified claims." Used in a sentence: The pretentious boy said that he was the fastest runner, but he finished last in the race.