ASVAB Word Knowledge Practice Test 287647

Questions 5
Words accentuate, belated, brandish, impenitent, implausible

Study Guide

The definition for accentuate is "To emphasize." Used in a sentence: Carla used red ribbons to accentuate the coppery tones in her hair.
The definition for belated is "Past the normal or proper time." Used in a sentence: Even though I forgot his birthday, I hoe my father accepts my belated card.
The definition for brandish is "To shake or wave menacingly." Used in a sentence: The baseball player was fined for brandishing his bat at the opposing pitcher.
The definition for impenitent is "Lacking remorse." Used in a sentence: The impenitent criminal received a harsh penalty, but his remorseful accomplice was released.
The definition for implausible is "Unbelievable." Used in a sentence: Claudia's implausible excuse failed to convince her teacher.