ASVAB Word Knowledge Practice Test 300761

Questions 5
Words accessible, corroborate, perception, prudent, revoke

Study Guide

The definition for accessible is "Easy to reach or to approach." Used in a sentence: The introduction to the complex novel was, thankfully, written in clear accessible language.
The definition for corroborate is "To support with evidence." Used in a sentence: "Unless you can corroborate your story, it will not be admissible in court," the attorney told his client.
The definition for perception is "Capacity for seeing or understanding." Used in a sentence: His incredible perception made him the best detective on the force.
The definition for prudent is "Marked by wisdom, shrewd." Used in a sentence: Manny was happy she followed Greg's prudent advice to study, as the test was difficult.
The definition for revoke is "To cancel by taking back." Used in a sentence: After Kal's father revoked his allowance, he had no money for the movies.