ASVAB Word Knowledge Practice Test 302495

Questions 5
Words derelict, euphoria, manifest, refurbish, revive

Study Guide

The definition for derelict is "Abandoned." Used in a sentence: The derelict house was condemned as a public hazard.
The definition for euphoria is "Feeling of great happiness." Used in a sentence: Cassandra was overcome with euphoria when she met her long–lost sister.
The definition for manifest is "Obvious." Used in a sentence: James finally made his affection manifest when he handed Jessica a red rose.
The definition for refurbish is "To brighten or freshen." Used in a sentence: Leeanne cleaned and mended all weekend to refurbish the shabby apartment.
The definition for revive is "To bring back to life." Used in a sentence: Hank tried to revive Clare's interest in the project, but her enthusiasm had expired.