ASVAB Word Knowledge Practice Test 33062

Questions 5
Words belated, exasperation, raspy, revive, untenable

Study Guide

The definition for belated is "Past the normal or proper time." Used in a sentence: Even though I forgot his birthday, I hoe my father accepts my belated card.
The definition for exasperation is "The state of being irritated." Used in a sentence: The longer Jorge waited in line at the ticket counter, the more his exasperation grew.
The definition for raspy is "rough, grating." Used in a sentence: After shouting to his players through the long game, the coach's voice was raspy.
The definition for revive is "To bring back to life." Used in a sentence: Hank tried to revive Clare's interest in the project, but her enthusiasm had expired.
The definition for untenable is "Not able to be defended." Used in a sentence: Rashid made the untenable statement that George Washington was the second president of the United States.