ASVAB Word Knowledge Practice Test 351624

Questions 5
Words absolve, combustion, exalt, exception, periodic

Study Guide

The definition for absolve is "To forgive; to free from guilt." Used in a sentence: Marta felt greatly relieved after her mother absolved her for breaking the vase.
The definition for combustion is "Act of burning." Used in a sentence: Campers must use fire with great caution to prevent combustion of the parched brush.
The definition for exalt is "To elevate by praise." Used in a sentence: The fireman was publicly exalted for his heroism.
The definition for exception is "A case to which the rule does not apply." Used in a sentence: The teacher made an exception and let Gina eat her snack in class.
The definition for periodic is "Occurring at regular intervals." Used in a sentence: The periodic innterruptions of the cuckoo clock prevented Li from concentrating.