ASVAB Word Knowledge Practice Test 357951

Questions 5
Words duplicity, fidelity, implement, incisive, melee

Study Guide

The definition for duplicity is "Deceptive thought, speech, or action." Used in a sentence: The life of an undercover detective is filed with necessary duplicity.
The definition for fidelity is "State of being faithful." Used in a sentence: Unlike her fickle friend Benji, May Belle was known for her fidelity.
The definition for implement is "To carry out or accomplish." Used in a sentence: All Randolph needed to implement his plan was a moonless night and a long rope.
The definition for incisive is "Impressively direct and decisive." Used in a sentence: Samir's incisive leadership made him the natural choice for president of the company.
The definition for melee is "A tumultuous fight among several people." Used in a sentence: After the game, a melee broke out between fans of the opposing teams.