ASVAB Word Knowledge Practice Test 368219

Questions 5
Words corroborate, drab, exception, salvage, solace

Study Guide

The definition for corroborate is "To support with evidence." Used in a sentence: "Unless you can corroborate your story, it will not be admissible in court," the attorney told his client.
The definition for drab is "Dull, monotonous." Used in a sentence: The drab winter scene made Keisha long for the vibrant colors of spring.
The definition for exception is "A case to which the rule does not apply." Used in a sentence: The teacher made an exception and let Gina eat her snack in class.
The definition for salvage is "To save from ruin." Used in a sentence: After the fire, Mrs. Han tried to salvage her family photos from the wreckage.
The definition for solace is "Source of consolation." Used in a sentence: Parents' weekend was a solace to Marjorie, whose beloved daughter had left for college.