ASVAB Word Knowledge Practice Test 369855

Questions 5
Words anthology, drub, flaunt, futile, implement

Study Guide

The definition for anthology is "A collection of selected literary pieces." Used in a sentence: The writer was thrilled when his story was included in an anthology of American masterpieces.
The definition for drub is "To defeat decisively." Used in a sentence: The powerful young boxer drubbed the longtime champion.
The definition for flaunt is "To display showily." Used in a sentence: Sheila, who could not resist bragging, flaunted the "A" marked on her test paper.
The definition for futile is "Without purpose, completely ineffective." Used in a sentence: Arguing with Andrew is futile because he never changes his mind.
The definition for implement is "To carry out or accomplish." Used in a sentence: All Randolph needed to implement his plan was a moonless night and a long rope.