ASVAB Word Knowledge Practice Test 398595

Questions 5
Words compulsion, lurid, pantomime, prune, turpitude

Study Guide

The definition for compulsion is "An irresistible impulse." Used in a sentence: Tamar, a shoe fanatic, could not resist the compulsion to buy the shiny red boots.
The definition for lurid is "Causing horror, shocking." Used in a sentence: The lurid photos of the crime scene upset the jury.
The definition for pantomime is "Telling a story through gestures." Used in a sentence: The jealous actress called her understudy's performance a ridiculous pantomime.
The definition for prune is "To reduce by removing excess." Used in a sentence: The candidate pruned his speech so he would not exceed the time limit.
The definition for turpitude is "Essential baseness, depravity." Used in a sentence: The turpitude of the villain in the movie offended most audiences.