ASVAB Word Knowledge Practice Test 402922

Questions 5
Words catastrophic, epitaph, insolence, retroactive, surplus

Study Guide

The definition for catastrophic is "Relating to extreme misfortune." Used in a sentence: The effects of the massive hurricane were catastrophic.
The definition for epitaph is "Brief statement honoring a dead person." Used in a sentence: "Beloved by all,"" was the epitaph Edgar chose for his wife's tombstone.
The definition for insolence is "Boldness or rudeness." Used in a sentence: The boy's insolence to the policeman embarrassed his mother.
The definition for retroactive is "effective as of a prior time or condition." Used in a sentence: The retroactive law made even past infractions punishable.
The definition for surplus is "Excess." Used in a sentence: Trevor decided to freeze the surplus chili for next week's tailgate party.