ASVAB Word Knowledge Practice Test 416607

Questions 5
Words advantageous, brandish, comparable, conduit, melee

Study Guide

The definition for advantageous is "Giving an advantage." Used in a sentence: The house's location in the best school district was advantageous to the seller.
The definition for brandish is "To shake or wave menacingly." Used in a sentence: The baseball player was fined for brandishing his bat at the opposing pitcher.
The definition for comparable is "Similar, equivalent." Used in a sentence: Helen will only accept something of comparable value for her ticket to the concert.
The definition for conduit is "Means for transmitting or distributing." Used in a sentence: Jason, a notorious gossip, was a conduit for information about his friends.
The definition for melee is "A tumultuous fight among several people." Used in a sentence: After the game, a melee broke out between fans of the opposing teams.