ASVAB Word Knowledge Practice Test 421684

Questions 5
Words antidote, authoritarian, awe, embellish, scamper

Study Guide

The definition for antidote is "Something that relieves or counteracts." Used in a sentence: Veronique found that listening to French music was an antidote for her homesickness.
The definition for authoritarian is "Favoring absolute obedience to authority." Used in a sentence: Marco's authoritarian mother never allowed him to watch more than one hour of television a day.
The definition for awe is "Emotion combining dread and wonder." Used in a sentence: Charlie was in awe of his uncle, a professional football player and chess champion.
The definition for embellish is "To decorate." Used in a sentence: Sari embellished the plain curtains with satin ribbons and tassels.
The definition for scamper is "To run quickly." Used in a sentence: The frightened kitten scampered away from the butterfly.