ASVAB Word Knowledge Practice Test 441933

Questions 5
Words archetypal, commemorate, cunning, facade, foil

Study Guide

The definition for archetypal is "Characteristic of the original model or perfect example." Used in a sentence: Shakespeare's sonnets are considered archetypal love poems
The definition for commemorate is "To mark by a ceremony." Used in a sentence: Each year, the Franklins commemorate their anniversary by visiting the site of their first date.
The definition for cunning is "Showing clever insight." Used in a sentence: The general devised a cunning strategy to outfox the enemy.
The definition for facade is "false or superficial appearance." Used in a sentence: Emily's smile is just a facade masking her broken heart.
The definition for foil is "One that enhances or underscores by contrast." Used in a sentence: The sweet cookie was a perfect foil to the sour lemon sorbet.