ASVAB Word Knowledge Practice Test 534882

Questions 5
Words ethical, naive, prune, regale, unscrupulous

Study Guide

The definition for ethical is "Conforming to accepted standards." Used in a sentence: Mary did the ethical thing and turned in the diamond necklace she found.
The definition for naive is "Lacking worldy wisdom." Used in a sentence: The naive Simon assumed that everyone was as simple and kind as he was.
The definition for prune is "To reduce by removing excess." Used in a sentence: The candidate pruned his speech so he would not exceed the time limit.
The definition for regale is "To amuse." Used in a sentence: My clever brother Jeffrey regaled the dinner guests with tales of his adventures.
The definition for unscrupulous is "Lacking principles." Used in a sentence: The unscrupulous salesman was fired for lying to his customers.