ASVAB Word Knowledge Practice Test 565183

Questions 5
Words epitaph, extenuating, pathos, redouble, retroactive

Study Guide

The definition for epitaph is "Brief statement honoring a dead person." Used in a sentence: "Beloved by all,"" was the epitaph Edgar chose for his wife's tombstone.
The definition for extenuating is "Partially excusing." Used in a sentence: The extenuating circumstance of Calvin's illness caused the teacher to excuse his lateness.
The definition for pathos is "Sympathetic pity." Used in a sentence: The soldiers cherished the kindly Nurse Nightingale for her pathos.
The definition for redouble is "To make twice as great." Used in a sentence: As the sun began to set, Brittany redoubled her effort to find the necklace she had dropped in the field.
The definition for retroactive is "effective as of a prior time or condition." Used in a sentence: The retroactive law made even past infractions punishable.