ASVAB Word Knowledge Practice Test 59242

Questions 5
Words benevolent, comparable, elusive, inflammatory, rehash

Study Guide

The definition for benevolent is "Kind, helpful." Used in a sentence: Sherman revealed his benevolent side when he offered to help Carter with his homework.
The definition for comparable is "Similar, equivalent." Used in a sentence: Helen will only accept something of comparable value for her ticket to the concert.
The definition for elusive is "Hard to grasp." Used in a sentence: The words to the song are elusive, as the singer tends to mumble.
The definition for inflammatory is "Tending to excite anger." Used in a sentence: Garth's inflammatory remarks at the party made Gwen furious.
The definition for rehash is "To discuss again." Used in a sentence: "Sandra," said her mother, "I am tired of rehashing this same topic over and over."