ASVAB Word Knowledge Practice Test 623584

Questions 5
Words civility, cunning, opportune, regale, retroactive

Study Guide

The definition for civility is "Politeness." Used in a sentence: The usually unruly Thomas acted with great civility when his favorite uncle visited.
The definition for cunning is "Showing clever insight." Used in a sentence: The general devised a cunning strategy to outfox the enemy.
The definition for opportune is "Suitable or convenient." Used in a sentence: Quan stepped onto the platform at the most opportune time, just as the train pulled in.
The definition for regale is "To amuse." Used in a sentence: My clever brother Jeffrey regaled the dinner guests with tales of his adventures.
The definition for retroactive is "effective as of a prior time or condition." Used in a sentence: The retroactive law made even past infractions punishable.