ASVAB Word Knowledge Practice Test 625990

Questions 5
Words adversary, drub, elate, interminable, placebo

Study Guide

The definition for adversary is "One who opposes or resists." Used in a sentence: Franklin hoped to defeat his adversary in the afternoon's tennis match.
The definition for drub is "To defeat decisively." Used in a sentence: The powerful young boxer drubbed the longtime champion.
The definition for elate is "To fill with joy." Used in a sentence: It elated Margaret to be awarded first place in the science fair.
The definition for interminable is "Never ending, or seemingly endless." Used in a sentence: The impatient Zoe found the longwinded lecture interminable.
The definition for placebo is "An inactive substance used in medical testing." Used in a sentence: Tom, who had taken the placebo, found that his allergy symptoms did not go away.