ASVAB Word Knowledge Practice Test 628434

Questions 5
Words combative, egotist, mandate, moderate, prudent

Study Guide

The definition for combative is "Eager to fight." Used in a sentence: The teacher suggested the combative student channel his aggression into boxing.
The definition for egotist is "Self–important person." Used in a sentence: Darren dreaded carpooling with the egotist Shelly, who talked about herself nonstop.
The definition for mandate is "An official order or commission to do something." Used in a sentence: Martha reluctantly obeyed the mandate to vacate her apartment.
The definition for moderate is "Tending toward the average." Used in a sentence: The best–selling writer was disappointed; his new novel was only a moderate success.
The definition for prudent is "Marked by wisdom, shrewd." Used in a sentence: Manny was happy she followed Greg's prudent advice to study, as the test was difficult.