ASVAB Word Knowledge Practice Test 658535

Questions 5
Words appalling, civility, derivative, foil, mandate

Study Guide

The definition for appalling is "Inspiring dismay or disgust." Used in a sentence: Hector found his roommate's habit of leaving his dirty socks on the floor appalling.
The definition for civility is "Politeness." Used in a sentence: The usually unruly Thomas acted with great civility when his favorite uncle visited.
The definition for derivative is "Lacking originality." Used in a sentence: Critics panned the movie as a derivative version of last year's Best Picture.
The definition for foil is "One that enhances or underscores by contrast." Used in a sentence: The sweet cookie was a perfect foil to the sour lemon sorbet.
The definition for mandate is "An official order or commission to do something." Used in a sentence: Martha reluctantly obeyed the mandate to vacate her apartment.