ASVAB Word Knowledge Practice Test 668369

Questions 5
Words combustion, flaunt, methodical, procrastinate, scapegoat

Study Guide

The definition for combustion is "Act of burning." Used in a sentence: Campers must use fire with great caution to prevent combustion of the parched brush.
The definition for flaunt is "To display showily." Used in a sentence: Sheila, who could not resist bragging, flaunted the "A" marked on her test paper.
The definition for methodical is "Performed in an orderly manner." Used in a sentence: Oscar's methodical approach exasperated his free–spirited friend Ben.
The definition for procrastinate is "To put off intentionally." Used in a sentence: Yvonne's father urged, "Don't procrastinate. Clean your room right away."
The definition for scapegoat is "Someone who bears the blame for others." Used in a sentence: Audrey used her innocent baby brother as a scapegoat for the missing cookies.