ASVAB Word Knowledge Practice Test 746894

Questions 5
Words buffer, compulsion, mediate, parity, sociable

Study Guide

The definition for buffer is "Protective barrier." Used in a sentence: The dense trees acted as a buffer against the heavy rain.
The definition for compulsion is "An irresistible impulse." Used in a sentence: Tamar, a shoe fanatic, could not resist the compulsion to buy the shiny red boots.
The definition for mediate is "To come between parties in order to reconcile." Used in a sentence: The diplomatic Henry was able to mediate between the quarreling sisters.
The definition for parity is "Equality." Used in a sentence: Hilda, to avoid squabbles, aimed for parity in the slices of birthday cake.
The definition for sociable is "Inclined to seek companionship." Used in a sentence: The sociable Glenda was delighted to receive the party invitation.