ASVAB Word Knowledge Practice Test 74805

Questions 5
Words adversary, incidental, moderate, ramble, recrimination

Study Guide

The definition for adversary is "One who opposes or resists." Used in a sentence: Franklin hoped to defeat his adversary in the afternoon's tennis match.
The definition for incidental is "Minor." Used in a sentence: The accountant advised Justine not to report her incidental expenses.
The definition for moderate is "Tending toward the average." Used in a sentence: The best–selling writer was disappointed; his new novel was only a moderate success.
The definition for ramble is "To wander, physically or in language." Used in a sentence: Professor Tan rambled during his lectures, frequently straying from the subject.
The definition for recrimination is "A retaliatory accusation." Used in a sentence: Frank, who was wounded by Sally's remark, made a bitter recrimination.