ASVAB Word Knowledge Practice Test 748443

Questions 5
Words elate, eloquent, heed, opportune, rail

Study Guide

The definition for elate is "To fill with joy." Used in a sentence: It elated Margaret to be awarded first place in the science fair.
The definition for eloquent is "Fluent, expressive." Used in a sentence: Kim, an eloquent speaker, was the best choice to make the presentation for the group.
The definition for heed is "To pay attention to." Used in a sentence: "Heed my advice," the fortuneteller warned Sebastian when he tried to ignore her prophecy.
The definition for opportune is "Suitable or convenient." Used in a sentence: Quan stepped onto the platform at the most opportune time, just as the train pulled in.
The definition for rail is "To scold in harsh language." Used in a sentence: Clay began to cry as his irate manager railed at him for missing the deadline.