ASVAB Word Knowledge Practice Test 750030

Questions 5
Words clairvoyance, comparable, equitable, impenitent, insinuate

Study Guide

The definition for clairvoyance is "Ability to see things beyond ordinary perception." Used in a sentence: Rosa used her clairvoyance to help Alexander find his lost keys.
The definition for comparable is "Similar, equivalent." Used in a sentence: Helen will only accept something of comparable value for her ticket to the concert.
The definition for equitable is "Fair and equal." Used in a sentence: The judge made an equitable decision dividing the estate evenly among the sisters.
The definition for impenitent is "Lacking remorse." Used in a sentence: The impenitent criminal received a harsh penalty, but his remorseful accomplice was released.
The definition for insinuate is "To suggest indirectly." Used in a sentence: Sinead, who did not like confrontation, insinuated that Beth was lying.