ASVAB Word Knowledge Practice Test 77545

Questions 5
Words equitable, futile, obnoxious, plaudits, promote

Study Guide

The definition for equitable is "Fair and equal." Used in a sentence: The judge made an equitable decision dividing the estate evenly among the sisters.
The definition for futile is "Without purpose, completely ineffective." Used in a sentence: Arguing with Andrew is futile because he never changes his mind.
The definition for obnoxious is "Highly offensive." Used in a sentence: The manager asked the obnoxious diner to leave the restaurant.
The definition for plaudits is "Enthusiastic approval." Used in a sentence: Allison's painting met with plaudits from the critics, who had dismissed her earlier work.
The definition for promote is "To contribute to the growth or prosperity of." Used in a sentence: The promote peace, the diplomat hosted a talk between the warring nations.