ASVAB Word Knowledge Practice Test 81851

Questions 5
Words antidote, clarity, mandate, rhapsody, unscrupulous

Study Guide

The definition for antidote is "Something that relieves or counteracts." Used in a sentence: Veronique found that listening to French music was an antidote for her homesickness.
The definition for clarity is "Clearness." Used in a sentence: The refreshing water in the mountain stream was remarkable for its clarity.
The definition for mandate is "An official order or commission to do something." Used in a sentence: Martha reluctantly obeyed the mandate to vacate her apartment.
The definition for rhapsody is "State of great happiness." Used in a sentence: Lorraine was in rhapsody when she was accepte to the college of her dreams.
The definition for unscrupulous is "Lacking principles." Used in a sentence: The unscrupulous salesman was fired for lying to his customers.