ASVAB Word Knowledge Practice Test 852264

Questions 5
Words apathetic, grandiose, preclude, surplus, trove

Study Guide

The definition for apathetic is "Showing little or no emotion." Used in a sentence: Carmine was concerned about his usually cheerful brother's apathetic attitude.
The definition for grandiose is "With an affectation of grandeur." Used in a sentence: The sweeping, grandiose staircase looked preposterous in the modest entry hall.
The definition for preclude is "To rule out in advance." Used in a sentence: "Having cake now will preclude dessert later," said Amber's mother.
The definition for surplus is "Excess." Used in a sentence: Trevor decided to freeze the surplus chili for next week's tailgate party.
The definition for trove is "Valuable collection." Used in a sentence: Walter's trove of vintage baseball cards was worth thousands of dollars.