ASVAB Word Knowledge Practice Test 911733

Questions 5
Words beneficial, comprehensible, elate, eulogy, inflammatory

Study Guide

The definition for beneficial is "Helpful." Used in a sentence: there is no doubt that eating vegetables is beneficial to one's health.
The definition for comprehensible is "Understandable." Used in a sentence: Shannon spoke slowly so her directions would be comprehensible to her foreign visitor.
The definition for elate is "To fill with joy." Used in a sentence: It elated Margaret to be awarded first place in the science fair.
The definition for eulogy is "Speech or writing in praise of deceased." Used in a sentence: Ernesto delivered a moving eulogy at his uncle's funeral.
The definition for inflammatory is "Tending to excite anger." Used in a sentence: Garth's inflammatory remarks at the party made Gwen furious.