ASVAB Word Knowledge Practice Test 917369

Questions 5
Words adversary, aesthete, impenitent, rancorous, supple

Study Guide

The definition for adversary is "One who opposes or resists." Used in a sentence: Franklin hoped to defeat his adversary in the afternoon's tennis match.
The definition for aesthete is "Person having or affecting sensitivity to beauty." Used in a sentence: Consuela's friends called her an aesthete when she claimed that Monet's paintings made her cry.
The definition for impenitent is "Lacking remorse." Used in a sentence: The impenitent criminal received a harsh penalty, but his remorseful accomplice was released.
The definition for rancorous is "Marked by deep ill–will." Used in a sentence: The rancorous competition between the two chess clubs actually ended in a brawl.
The definition for supple is "Flexible." Used in a sentence: The supple leather coat draped like soft cloth around her shoulders.