ASVAB Word Knowledge Practice Test 928296

Questions 5
Words abate, extant, mediate, meticulous, periodic

Study Guide

The definition for abate is "Become less in amount or intensity." Used in a sentence: Just when it seemed the rain would never stop, the storm suddenly began to abate.
The definition for extant is "Currently existing." Used in a sentence: Some consider Clint Eastwood the greatest extant American director.
The definition for mediate is "To come between parties in order to reconcile." Used in a sentence: The diplomatic Henry was able to mediate between the quarreling sisters.
The definition for meticulous is "Extrememly careful regarding details." Used in a sentence: The meticulous detective found every shred of evidence at the crime scene.
The definition for periodic is "Occurring at regular intervals." Used in a sentence: The periodic innterruptions of the cuckoo clock prevented Li from concentrating.